The ideal spot to start your business

If you have a business plan ready, try your chances in the municipality of Neguac. With its bilingual labour force, Neguac is an attractive spot for a new business that wants to set up shop somewhere with low infrastructure costs. As well, the municipality is flexible when it comes to locations for businesses and industries.

Various provincial and federal bodies offer funding assistance to existing business that want to improve their facilities and for new businesses that want to set up shop. The Regional Development Corporation (RDC), Investment NB and the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) are economic and community development organizations helping to create employment in the municipality.

For more information on the various programs offered by these and other organizations, visit these websites:

Government of NB

Community Business Development Corporations

Government Grants, Loans and Funding

This list of government programs includes all the funding and tax credit possibilities provided by the provincial and federal governments. Also included are a many programs for those wishing to start a business.


Private Funding

The next page has information on the various types of possible funding and how to apply for them.


Planning Your Business

See how to write a business plan and access templates, sample business plans, information on market studies and  statistics.