News from the municipality of Neguac

Magazine launch: Le carrefour de l’huître du Canada atlantique

June 3 - 2015

Minister Bill Fraser was on hand to announce the launch of a magazine, created by Maurice Basque, on the history of oysters in our region.

Magazine launchMagazine launch

Nursing Home Construction

August 20 - 2014

This project is part of the provincial government's 2011-2016 Nursing Home Renovation and Replacement Plan, which calls for the creation of 354 nursing home beds and 704 special care home beds.

The building will cost $9.6 million and will contain 30 nursing home beds. Construction is scheduled to start in September 2014 and be finished in fall 2015. The complex will be located at 125 L. Allain Street in Neguac.

Nursing Home Construction

Water and Sewer: $6 Million Project

June 3 - 2015

The federal and provincial governments and the municipality of Neguac will make equal investments in the sewer system extension project, which will connect 300 more residences to the wastewater collection system.

Water and Sewer: $6 Million Project

Renovation of the Sportplex Arena in Neguac

July 29 - 2015

The federal and provincial governments and the municipality of Neguac will invest a total of $105,000 to renovate the Sportplex Arena.  Renovations will include painting, replacing lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, new doors and connecting the building to the municipal sewer system.

Renovation of the Sportplex Arena

Track – Caisse populaire de Neguac

April 4 - 2014

The provincial government is investing $150,000 through the Regional Development Corporation and the federal  government is investing $150,000 through ALCOA's Innovative Communities Fund. The Caisse populaire de Neguac donated the large sum of $75,000. The municipality of Neguac's contribution is $45,000.

The project includes refurbishing the 400-metre track and the soccerfield at the La fontaine School/Community Centre in Neguac. The work includes grading and excavation, paving the track and covering it with a synthetic surface, adding a surface water drainage system, fencing and lighting.

Track – Caisse populaire de NeguacTrack – Caisse populaire de Neguac