A broad range of services for citizens of Neguac

Animal Control Services

The municipality provides dog identification services in order to control animal populations, as well as diseases such as rabies. All dog owners must register their animals each year.

For information:

Municipality of Neguac
506 776-3950

Caisse populaire

To pay your sewer bill online through your Caisse populaire.

For information:

Caisse populaire de Neguac
506 776-8313

Garbage Collection

The municipality provides household and separated waste collection services to residents. Household and separated waste is collected on alternating Mondays, between dawn and 5:00 p.m. For more information on this service, consult the Commission des services régionaux de la Péninsule acadienne's website. The calendar at the end of Le Villageois displays a small blue or green bin to indicate which Mondays are for separated waste and which are for ordinary waste.

Note: For any problem or need for parts for your blue bin only, contact the Public Works Department at 506 776-3950.

Municipal Bylaws

05-37 Magasinage le dimanche
06-38 Construction (bilingue)
06-38-15A Modifiant l’arrêté 06-38
06-39 Lotissement (bilingue)
06-39-10A Modifiant l’arrêté 06-39
07-41 Colporteurs et marchants ambulants
08-42 Contrôle des animaux
12-43 Protection contre l’incendie
15-44  Planification des mesures d’urgence
15-45  Lieux dangereux et inestétiques
79-12 Interdiction de flâner, mendier et solliciter
91-24  Sauvegarde du patrimoine municipal
91-25  Appareils et lieux d’amusement
95-05 Circulation sur les rues de Neguac
99-30 Composition du Conseil municipal
​99-33 Plan rural
99-33-15A Modifiant l’arrêté 99-33
99-34 Égouts sanitaire et pluvial

Parks and Recreation

The municipality of Neguac offers a wide range of activities for all tastes. The Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. organizes a number of activities during the year. (See Annual Events.) The Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. manages recreational facilities on the grounds of La fontaine SCC. A partnership has existed for several years between Association des Loisirs St-Bernard Inc. and Francophone School District North-East. This partnership allows us to organize sporting and recreational activities all year long. (Tae Kwon Do, baton, aerobics, etc.).

The municipality of Neguac also manages two parks, the Richelieu Municipal Park and the Île-aux-Foins Park. For more details about the parks, visit the Attractions page. 

For information:

Melissa Near, Community Development Officer 
506 776-3950

Public Safety and Wellness

For the safety and wellness of all residents, the municipality has its own RCMP detatchment, fire hall and ambulance bay, along with a medical centre and dental clinic. You will also find various federal and provincial offices in the Municipal Building and elsewhere in the community.

The latest technology is used to provide unmatched public service. The municipality has an emergency measures plan that will allow it to face the worst disasters. The firefighters have the following professional equipment at their disposal: jaws of life, rescue sled, emergency vehicle equipped with an emergency command post.

The Neguac Fire Department has 23 volunteer members. The municipality provides fire protection services in the Neguac region, that is, from Wishart's Point in the south to Bartibogue Bridge in the north and Lavillette in the west.

The municipality has also adopted an emergency measures plan in order to be able to face most possible disasters.

For information:

Medical Centre
Dr. Adrien Melanson
Anna Breau, RN
506 776-3876
38 Otho Street
Neguac, NB E9G 4H3

Fire Department/Fire Hall
Marc Comeau
506 776-3951 506-779-6252 (c)

RCMP Detatchment
911 or 506 776-3000

Public Works

One responsibilty of Public Works is to keep streets in good condition. Sidewalks and streetlights increase safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. The municipality has a modern storm sewer system to drain rainwater and snow meltwater. Most residences in the municipality also have access to a sewer system. Note that drinking water in the municipality still comes from private wells.

In the winter our Public Works team keeps our streets clean. To facilitate snow clearing, vehicles cannot be parked along municipal streets between midnight and 7:00 a.m. from November to April inclusively. Streets are sanded to reduce the dangers caused by build-ups of ice. Streets in the municipality are cleared in order of priority.

Streets in the municipality are clearly marked and signs indicate provincial speed limits along roadways. No vehicles are allowed on our public beaches. This decision was made to protect our fragile beach environment. To provide access to the water, the municipality has set up several boat ramps.

For information:

Service NB

To pay your sewer bill online through Service NB.

For information:

506 776-3180

Sewer System

The municipality provides sewer services to only part of the municipality. For more information, contact us at 776-3950.

Starting in 2015, a four-year project is under way to connect most of the streets in the municipality to the system.

The municipality offers several payment methods for sewer bills: at the counter in the Municipal Office, at the counter or online with Service NB and at the counter or online with your Caisse Populaire.  

For information:

Municipality of Neguac
506 776-3950

Urban Planning

The municipality of Neguac is part of the Commission de services régionaux de la Péninsule acadienne. However, to provide more personalized service, you can access the same service at the Neguac Municipal Building on Wednesdays.

If you plan on starting renovation or construction projects in the coming months, the municipality encourages you to apply for permits now! The Commission de services régionaux Péninsule acadienne (CSRPA) issues an average of over 1000 permits each year, so it is important to apply early enough that there will be no delay in your construction projects.

For more information: 727-7979 or consult "Service d’urbanisme" on the CSRPA website at You can always apply online so long as you send in all the required documents (see the list of documents required for a permit application on our website).

For information:

Commission de services régionaux de la Péninsule acadienne
Gabriel Harvey
506 727-7979