Sports facilities for an active community

The role of the Association des Loisirs Saint-Bernard Inc. is to encourage the organization and development of recreational activities within the limits of the municipality of Neguac and to coordinate sports facilites.

Sports Facilities in Neguac

There are no user fees for sports facilities except for the arena, which is managed by a Corporation. However, if you're planning a tournament or other event, please contact the Director of Recreation and Tourism, Melissa Near, at 776-3950.

Baseball fields

There are two baseball fields. The first is behind the building at 1279 Main Street and is mainly used for T-Ball and five-pitch. The second, behind the La fontaine SCC at 700 Main Street, is mostly used by mosquito-level teams and for softball tournaments.

Volleyball courts

The two outdoor sand volleyball courts, located in front of La fontaine SCC, welcome all volleyball players.

Soccer field

The new regulation-size soccer field is inside the track oval, beside La fontaine SCC. It is mostly used by the Neguac Minor Soccer Association.

Tennis courts

The two outdoor tennis courts on the grounds of La fontaine SCC are used by tennis players. 

Tennis and volleyball courts